Dear Islanders,

We are endorsing incumbent Wayne Roth in the Central Ward. We endorsed Wayne in his first campaign in 2013, and in reviewing both candidates’ records and answers to our candidate questions, we believe he is the best candidate for this position.

Wayne has been a thoughtful, hard-working member of the Council during his term in office, working with a council that has, among other achievements:

  • Helped stabilize and improve the City’s finances;

  • Adopted an update to the Comprehensive Plan, as required by Washington’s Growth Management Act. The Plan will be the basis for the next Council’s updating of our city code to match the vision and values of our community.

  • Overseen the redevelopment of Waterfront Park to make it more accessible and inviting to residents and visitors.

  • Passed Low Impact Development regulations to ensure we are protecting the amazing environment we call home.

  • Supported the Police Department in earning renewed community trust and respect.

We elect our leaders to engage thoughtfully with the electorate and to make the difficult decisions required to lead a City of over 23,000 residents. Regardless of the size of the community, there will always be differences of opinion. For our Island community, this is, in part, due to the growing pains the whole region is experiencing. We believe we need responsive and courageous leadership to meet our challenges effectively. We also note that Wayne has extensive executive experience through his work at KUOW and NPR, and has served on boards for, or advised, many local Island organizations:

  • The Marge Williams Center for nonprofits

  • The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association

  • The Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council.

We believe this kind of executive experience and deep and wide involvement in the community are essential assets to the work of City Council, namely establishing the policy of our City. While we may not agree with every decision a leader makes, the question is whether we elect, or re-elect a thoughtful, experienced, creative and ethical leader who can help us navigate the many challenges we face. We have that opportunity with Wayne Roth, and therefore heartily endorse him for re-election.


Maradel Gale and Anita Rockefeller
For the Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge