Dear Islanders,

In the South Ward we endorse Ted Jones as the most qualified and the best fit for Bainbridge City Council. We have compared the candidates on the basis of the values that Quality Bainbridge espouses on its website. We find that Ted Jones is the candidate who expresses those values consistently.

Our values strive for a “vibrant, caring and creative community.” We find that Ted’s humility and expressed wish to “pay back the debt that my family and I owe for the privilege of living on this beautiful island” is a good fit with our view of the type of person we want in our city government.

Ted has been a member of the City’s Utility Advisory Committee and Municipalization Task force. He has been employed for many years as a facilities engineer for the US Navy. We believe that this experience will serve the Council very well in the upcoming term. The Council has several very important capital projects to consider in the next several years: a new public safety building, an ambitious program for improvements to bike lanes (Core 40) and consideration of extension of the Sound to Olympics trail among others. Management of public works capital projects has been a central part of Ted’s employment and volunteer work over the last thirty years. This background will be a crucial and timely addition to the mix of experience on the Council.

Ted is not afraid to speak out on what could be contentious issues. He has said that he wants to go through with 30 percent design of the Highway 305 Bridge so that we will be better able to determine if it will achieve its goals. We think Ted’s approach makes sense.

We value open and connected spaces. Ted has said that “forest land and farmland is not vacant land waiting to be developed” but that we must have a “carefully and skillfully managed growth program.” Ted recognizes that pollution of our streams with fecal coliform and nitrogen are “with few exceptions the result of septic systems.” We feel that Ted’s perspective accurately represents the reality, while we also agree that more investigative work needs to be done.

Ted supports the need for affordable housing and specifically supports the City’s Suzuki development.

Ted has emphasized the need to codify our Comprehensive Plan. His opponent says that he wants to “push back against Washington State’s one-size fits approach . . . to growth.” We think Ted’s approach is more realistic, especially given the fact that we are not likely to be successful in countering state law that governs growth allocations to our island.

For these reasons we support Ted Jones for the South Ward City Council position. His public works and volunteer civic work will be extremely valuable on the new Council. He has earned our hearty endorsement.

And please remember that all voters in the City vote for each ward in the general election.


John Ellis and Juliet LeDorze
For the Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge