2017 School Board Candidates Answer Our Questions

District 5:
Sheila Jakubik (Incumbent Board Director) (endorsed)
Christina Wakefield

District 2:
Judith McLaughlin (withdrew)
Mike Spence (Incumbent)

Questions Quality Bainbridge posed to the 2017 School Board Candidates:

1. What should the School Board do in the next four years to respond to budgetary challenges?

2. What are the biggest operational challenges facing the School District in the coming years?

3. What is the proper role of the School Board in relation to the teaching staff and the school administrators? How much managerial authority should the School Board exercise in connection with the day-to-day operations of the schools?

4. What criteria should be used in deciding what new programs should be added or making other curriculum changes? What, if any, curriculum changes should the School Board review?

5. Do you approve of judging and rewarding teachers based on their students’ performance on core curriculum tests? Do you support the current high school graduation testing system? If not, what changes would you recommend?

6. How would you reconcile or balance the needs of aging school buildings with the reality of fluctuating enrollments and revenues?

7. What is your approach to alternative educational pathways in our School District?