2019 Elections

Two items are currently proposed for a February 12, 2019 ballot for the Island.

  • Bainbridge Island Fire Department Permanent Levy for Emergency Medical Services.  Estimated cost will be $.40 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation of  homes.  This is the same amount as currently approved for a levy that ends in 2019 for Emergency Medical Services.

  • Bainbridge Island School District will ask for funding for a Capital Projects Measure for $15 million. 

2019 City Council Elections

Four positions for Bainbridge City Council will be filled during 2019. There will be one individual elected from each ward and one all-island representative will be chosen.  All people will serve for four years.   Those seats are currently held by:

 North Ward –Kol Medina

 South Ward -Sarah Blossom

Central Ward –Leslie Schneider

All- Island –Ron Peltier

The process for this is first a primary election in July, 2019, followed by a general election in November, 2019.

In the primary, a citizen votes from among primary candidates in the individual’s ward (North, Central, or South Ward).  If only one person has applied to run for that ward’s council position, there will be no primary election.

In the general election, held in November 2019, all citizens can vote for one candidate in each ward and for the all-island representative.

*Quality Bainbridge will list the Bainbridge Island candidates for all local elected openings when filing is closed in May, 2019.