History of our Nonprofit & Political Committee

Before there was a Quality Bainbridge nonprofit or political committee, there was simply a small group of Bainbridge residents (including some of those who now serve on our Steering Committee listed below) who came together to stand up for good smart local government and the preservation of our widely-shared community values.

In September 2013, that informal Quality Bainbridge group created a Facebook page and an earlier version of this QualityBainbridge.org website, simply to educate and speak up for those core values.

The importance of the Fall 2013 elections for three City Council positions helped to crystallize our little group’s decision to form a Washington nonprofit organization (Quality Bainbridge) and a political committee by the same name, which is registered with the Public Disclosure Commission. This allows Quality Bainbridge to endorse candidates. We believe in openness, and make full disclosures at the Washington Public Disclosure Commission.

Quality Bainbridge is a political committee that simply wants to raise awareness.

In the Fall 2013 elections, Quality Bainbridge endorsed three well qualified candidates for City Council: Wayne Roth, Val Tollefson and Roger Townsend, and an experienced and highly qualified candidate for re-election to the School Board, Mike Spence.

We also publish e-Newsletters to many island residents from time to time when an important issue presents itself. Please join the conversation.

In the 2017 Fall elections we endorsed: Joe Deets for North Ward, Ted Jones for South Ward and Wayne Roth for Central Ward. For the School Board, we endorsed Incumbent Sheila Jakubik.

Quality Bainbridge’s Steering Committee

Gloria Sayler, President

Gloria Sayler has lived on the Island since 1992, commuting into her job at Group Health for many of those years. She has been involved in setting up an emergency network in her North End neighborhood, and since she now works on the Island, she coordinated various speakers’ series for the Bainbridge Public Library in recent years.  Gloria also served as VP and now serves as President of the Quality Bainbridge nonprofit.

John Ellis, Vice President

John Kenyon Ellis has been mostly involved in the arts community on Bainbridge, serving on the board of Bainbridge Performing Arts board in the past and currently on the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. He first became active in local politics helping to defeat the efforts to move our City’s municipal court to Poulsbo.  John also served as President of the Quality Bainbridge nonprofit.

Maradel Gale, Secretary/Treasurer

Maradel Gale has been active in community and environmental affairs throughout her lifetime. She is a retired professor from the University of Oregon, where she taught land use law and developed and ran a program to provide technical assistance in the Pacific Islands. She is the organizer of Bainbridge Beach Naturalists.

Juliet LeDorze

Juliet has been active in supporting the schools and community on Bainbridge Island for almost 20 years, most recently serving on the board of the Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council. She has two children in school and owns a small business on the island.

Anita Rockefeller

Anita joined the Steering Committee in 2015.She has lived on the Island with her husband and raised her three children here. She had a 36 year career with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) including managing programs related to water and air quality, pesticides and toxics. On Bainbridge, she has served on City planning committees and on the BI Arts and Humanities Council board, as well as helping her husband during his term as WA State Senator.

Randal Samstag—in memoriam

Randal Samstag is an active observer of City governance. He volunteered and served on the Utility Advisory Committee — a citizen advisory committee to the City Council. He has Master’s Degree in Engineering, and over 35 years of experience in water supply, wastewater collection, analysis of sanitation alternatives, and analysis and design or wastewater treatment plants.

Delight Willing

Delight has lived on Bainbridge since 1974. In recent years she has served as the president of the Bainbridge Public Library Board and and President of PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap.These volunteer activities follow an extensive career in graduate education including teaching in the Doctoral Program in Leadership, and in the Masters’ Degrees in Adult Education and Training and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 


A Call to Action

What makes Bainbridge a wonderful place may be at risk so we, as citizens of Bainbridge, must gather our voices together to focus discussion in the City on the topic of what the Island is, what we need to do to make it better enhancing the quality of life on Bainbridge Island.

For too long, the conversation has been dominated by a handful of people who have only one focus, fiscal restraint. While fiscal responsibility is vital, it is not the place to begin. We need to focus the conversation about what’s important here to guide the discussion of what, where and how to spend our monetary resources.

We all came or stayed here because Bainbridge is a fantastic community to live in. The physical beauty, the schools, the proximity to the big city, the arts, the farming community, the open space, the Grand Forest, quality infrastructure (like extensive walking paths, bike paths, safe roadways, working sewer and water systems, the friendships and family, are among the many elements that make us Bainbridge.

We’re inviting you, our friends and neighbors, to join in the conversation, let our voices be heard, and take back the email airwaves from the naysayers.

At Quality Bainbridge, along with hundreds of fellow islander who’ve liked us on Facebook our interests and passions may be diverse, but our shared community values are similar…

We desire our Island to be a wonderful place to live on the planet. To do this, we must have a unified vision and voice. We’re Simply calling it “Quality Bainbridge.”


We are here to seek and share information with Islanders so we can work together to promote good Island government. We believe this is essential to maintaining and improving the quality of life for all Islanders and to move beyond the power of those who would only focus on NO.