2015 Candidate Information

Learn more about the candidates for City Council, School Board, and Parks & Recreation Board.  You can read their responses to our questions about current issues by clicking on their names below. Candidates whose names are not highlighted did not respond to our questions or did not respond in a timely manner.

City Council

At-Large Position (District 1) Pegeen Mulhern (pegeen@pm4bicc.org) Ron Peltier (peltier4council@gmail.com)

North Ward (District 2) Kol Medina (kol@kolmedinaforcouncil.com)

Central Ward (District 4) Mike Scott (michael.scott@alumni.stanford.edu)

South Ward (District 6) Sarah Blossom (blossoms49@hotmail.com)

School Board

District 1 Duncan McFarlane (Duncan@BISBCandidate.com) Lynn Smith (vote4lynn@gmail.com)

District 3 Mev Hoberg (paulandmev@msn.com)

District 4 Renard Burnett (renardburnettsr@gmail.com) Tim Kinkead (kinkeadtim@gmail.com)

Parks and Recreation Board

Position 2 Ken DeWitt (k-dewitt@usa.net) John Grinter (john_grinter@hotmail.com)

Position 4 Jay Kinney (jaykinney@comcast.net)