2016 KPUD Candidate Questions

KPUD Commissioner

KPUD is playing an increasing role in our Island community – serving 3 water systems – North Bainbridge which it has “owned” and served for many years, as well as 2 others. It also provides broadband internet to schools, libraries, government offices, and first responder buildings. It collects taxes from all County residents, but many of us on the Island know very little about it. KPUD was actually formed during the 1940 general election by a vote of the county's electorate to explore providing electrical service as a public special purpose District instead of a private company. U.S. entry into World War II and rapid growth in and around the naval shipyard at Bremerton initially delayed and eventually precluded assumption of electric service in Kitsap County by KPUD. Since 1959, the District has studied and instituted planning for regional water resources in Kitsap County. (Adapted from the KPUD webpage:

1) What do you see as the role of a KPUD commissioner?

2) What approach would you take to support the growing business areas (e.g. broadband internet, wastewater, and perhaps public electric service or other utilities) of the PUD while recognizing it is a not-for-profit public utility that must be managed in a way that is in the best interest of the tax payers and rate payers?

3) The PUD collects tax money from the entire county. It’s not a lot of money per homeowner, so many of us may not give the PUD much thought. KPUD uses those tax dollars for a variety of programs (free public wireless service in certain County population centers, classroom education in Kitsap schools, stream gauging, well monitoring, precipitation level tracking, and other co-jurisdictional activities in the County such as the Kitsap Water Festival, stream tours). What ideas do you have to further publicize these programs as well as ensure they continue for generations to come?

4) What steps would you (have you) take (n) to ensure and enhance continued collaboration among the County and various Kitsap cities with the KPUD?

5) What are your thoughts on collaborating – or even creating an intertie - with other water districts on the Island to improve efficiency and conserve water resources and streamline water supply infrastructure and distribution?