2016 John Armstrong responses

KPUD CommissionerJohn Armstrong

1) What do you see as the role of a KPUD commissioner? •      Set policy for the services and costs that the KPUD provides, •      Monitor l expenditures  and develop strategic plans for aquifer protection, •      Develop fiber optic  broadband services to not served or underserved areas of the County •      Inform the citizens of our County with up-to-date information on the KPUD actions, •      Get out and about  with our customers and tax payers.           2) What approach would you take to support the growing business areas (e.g. broadband internet, wastewater, and perhaps public electric service or other utilities) of the PUD while recognizing it is a not-for-profit public utility that must be managed in a way that is in the best interest of the tax payers and rate payers?

• The KPUD Board of Commissioner Policy is founded upon response to the public requests as evidenced by our embarking upon the Port Gamble Wastewater Aquifer Recharge project and ongoing discussions with other Homeowner groups. Our Broadband system has been funded by the use of our tax revenue that also supports the function detailed in Question Number 3. The KPUD staff has developed a proposal to support a "Fiber to the Home and Business" that will be supported by Local Utility District (LUD) formulation, If requested by the beneficiaries of the LUD service.       •

3) The PUD collects tax money from the entire county. It’s not a lot of money per homeowner, so many of us may not give the PUD much thought.  KPUD uses those tax dollars for a variety of programs (free public wireless service in certain County population centers, classroom education in Kitsap schools, stream gauging, well monitoring, precipitation level tracking, and other co-jurisdictional activities in the County such as the Kitsap Water Festival, stream tours). What ideas do you have to further publicize these programs as well as ensure they continue for generations to come?

• The present board has approved the staffing that will support these functions for it's budgetary future. The incumbent Commissioners see wisdom of this effort and the benefit to the Community. I hope that future KPUD Boards will keep  the programs going.    4) What steps would you (have you) take (n) to ensure and enhance continued collaboration among the County and various Kitsap cities with the KPUD?

• Our KPUD Board of Commissioners details to each of its Commissioners assignments to each of the countywide coordinating activities. we meet individually with the Kitsap Economic Development Association Chambers of Commerce and Kitsap Water Purveyor's Association to exchange ideas of concern. The County Board of Commissioners and the KPUD Board of Commissioners meet each year to educate each other on joint issues of interest to each.         5) What are your thoughts on collaborating – or even creating an intertie - with other water districts on the Island to improve efficiency and conserve water resources and streamline water supply infrastructure and distribution?

• Formal water intertie contracts with all our Cities are needed. There are ongoing discussions between the COBI and the KPUD Management shared water supply to the Rockaway Beach Water system. • • The COBI, PWD has requested that the KPUD rerun the USGS water Aquifer Model study for the Island. The COBI manager and the KPUD Manager are in involved in an ongoing exchange of ideas regarding water services between the several water providers on the island. I have been a BI Chamber of Commerce  Member  in assisting with fiber optic issues of benefits to the Community.