2016 Sherry Appleton responses

State Representative, Position 1, 23rd DistrictSherry Appleton


1. Do you favor the Legislature increasing the state budget for public schools to meet the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the state’s constitutional mandate to adequately fund local public school districts like Bainbridge Island’s? Yes.

2. Do you support the state maintaining medical and mental health care for eligible seniors and other needy citizens? Absolutely.

3. Describe the ways you have, to date, researched issues important to Bainbridge Island and talked with voters from Bainbridge. We have met at coffee shops and I try to go to all the events on Bainbridge. I also try to be available to Bainbridge Island as different issues surface.

4. What distinctions and accomplishments do you consider to be most significant during your recent professional career. I passed the Silver Alert this past year which will help us rescue older citizens who have dementia or Alzheimers when they have wandered. This is an emergency notification system that will work just like the Amber Alert.

5. Please give examples of the appropriate role of the state in preserving and protecting the environment? The Shoreline Hearings board, The Puget Sound Partnership, The Growth Management Act, SEPA, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The state has to be stewards of our environment and enforce the rules and regulations.

6. In the next two years, what are your priorities for our State as it applies to issues of significance to local communities like Bainbridge Island? As Chair of Local Government, I am working very hard on The Growth Management Act. I believe it should be tweaked after 26 years, but not destroyed, as our friends across the mountains would like. Bainbridge being surrounded by water, it is important that we take care of our environment.