2017 Election

The fall ballots will appear soon in your mail. We are writing to encourage you to study the ballot issues and races this fall and vote!

We sent a list of questions to all the candidates for City Council, School Board, and Parks District Board, and we have posted all the responses returned to us.

You can read the questions we asked and candidates’ answers online.

CITY COUNCIL (Nonpartisan Office, 4-year term) Council District 3 South Ward Theodore (Ted) Jones (endorsed) Matthew Tirman Council District 5 Central Ward Wayne Roth (endorsed) Rasham Nassar

Council District 7 North Ward Joe Deets (endorsed) Kevin Fetterly

READ Quality Bainbridge's 2017 endorsements

SCHOOL BOARD District 5: Sheila Jakubik  (endorsed) Christina Wakefield

District 2: Mike Spence (Incumbent)


Kirk Robinson Michael Pollock