Bainbridge Island Climate Change Advisory Committee

From Lara Hansen

Over the past year the committee has worked on:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Inventory for the Island. The Committee developed the scope of work for a whole island GHG inventory and worked with the City to select a consultant, who will begin work this year. 

  • Pending completion of the GHG Inventory, we will propose new GHG emissions reduction targets at a level that is relevant to climate protection and in agreement with past commitments.

  • Draft development of strategies to reduce emissions and meet COBI’s existing targets, and to reduce whole Island vulnerability to climate change, including through implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

For current work, follow this link: Climate Change Advisory Committee Agenda and Minutes

Lara Hansen, CCAC co-chair and  Executive Director of Eco-Adapt shared this wish list for 2019

1.     Sustainable ResolutionNo single use, disposable cups or bottles in 2019!
2019 is your chance to break a bad habit. Let’s start a campaign to “Drink like a local” and always bring your own cup . You can  stop adding to landfills, and you might save a few cents with your purchase. 

2.    Make climate savvy decisions. While polling suggest that more people recognize that climate change is real, action is lagging. Let’s make sure that the our Island community recognizes the serious impacts of climate change for our community (check out the Bainbridge Island Climate Impact Assessment). 

Some ideas for action include:

a.    Transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025 for our electric supply. This can be done through transition to a renewable energy provider with our next franchise agreement (renewal coming up soon) and by developing a plan for community solar projects that can decarbonize our power supply even if your home cannot support solar on site. 

b.    Transition our transportation to electric vehicles powered by this 100% renewable energy. Not only will this decrease CO2emissions, it will improve local air quality. Imagine how much nicer it is to walk, bike or sit in traffic if the vehicles around you are not spewing exhaust. 

c.    Island development and transportation masterplan that can protect undeveloped lands to provide much needed ecosystem services, provide transportation options beyond cars (off-street bike and pedestrian paths), and create living experiences of the full variety residents wish to enjoy. 

d.    Adoption of low impact development standards that are climate savvy. That means they are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reduce water use, increase permeable surface and foster community interactions. Yep, low impact includes social features. 

3.    Support COBI to make climate savvy decisions. Islanders Stacey Justus Nordgren (Foresight Partners Consulting) and Lara Hansen (EcoAdapt) developed a climate change adaptation certification toolfor use by planners and regulatory authorities to evaluate the potential risks from climate change to any project (expenditure of public funds or permit approval). The goal is to design projects that will be durable to change and therefore more likely to provide the desired service over the lifetime of the project and less likely to cause a community risk and result in future expense, environmental damage or mortality.

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