Bainbridge Island Watershed Council

From Deb Rudnick

  •  Organizing partner on the 2018 Bainbridge Island Beach Cleanup: over 400 Islanders participated in this event, one of Ocean Conservancy's many Global International Coastal Cleanup efforts

  • Organizing Partner for Bainbridge Island's Earth Month 2018, a celebration of trees and the environment with events all month long

  • BIWC co-hosted with Bainbridge Beach Naturalists a talk about salmon net pens and risks to the Puget Sound Ecosystem by Kurt Beardslee, Executive Director of Wild Fish Conservancy

  • We worked with COBI and the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum to create an updated interpretive sign for Ravine creek, and we expect to finish the sign Spring 2019

  • We sent our Murden Cove Watershed Sign out “on the road”: this interactive sign that teaches about watershed resources and stewardship “lives” at Sakai Intermediate School during the school year, but paid a visit to the Grand Forest East for the summer so that the public could engage with it

  • In partnership with the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, COBI, the Wild Fish Conservancy, and others, we completed the Springbrook Creek Watershed Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of the land use, water quality, and barriers and opportunities for stream protection and restoration. The full report for this assessment is pending and should be available soon!

  •  Completed our 14tthAnnual Salmon Monitoring Program: read more about this program at our website.

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