Ethics Board

From Maradel Gale, Ethics Board member

The City of Bainbridge Island Ethics Board handles complaints filed by citizens and requests for advisory opinions from elected officials and appointed committee members.  There are two main parts to the Ethics Code; one deals with conflicts of interest, which are defined in the code in Article II.  The other part, known as Article I, deals with the City's Core Values such as mutual respect, integrity, equality, fairness, helpfulness, responsibility and recognition.  These are values which often become more obvious in their absence, which is when citizens feel concerned about the treatment they believe they have experienced.  Much like the difficulty of defining pornography, trying to define what constitutes the core values in everyday practice can be a slippery slope.  However, when citizens take the time and energy to file comprehensive complaints about perceived violations of the Core Values, it is incumbent upon the Ethics Board to deal with the issues that are raised in the complaints.  

The Code of Ethics and opinions of the Ethics Board can be found on the City's website here.

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