Bainbridge Climate and Energy Forum

By Brian Anderson


The Bainbridge Climate and Energy Forum is a monthly speakers forum which features speakers and discussion of issues related to climate change and energy production. We focus on local, Bainbridge Island, issues as well as state and national ones.

Our April 20 forum will focus on ways Bainbridge Island can become a 100% renewable energy city.

Our January forum featured four local speakers, each summarizing a recent climate report (IPCC, US Climate Assessment, etc.). February - May forums will focus on the changes, both personally and society-wide, we need to make to reduce our emissions and slow the pace of climate change. Other past Forum topics include: ·

  • The Bainbridge Island Climate Impact Assessment & Comprehensive Plan

  • Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation

  • The Electrification of Transportation

  • Rethinking non-car transportation on Bainbridge Island

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