Bainbridge Island Wins eCity Award from Google

1308223_bainbridgegoolecity_660 The store may only be 800 square feet but Lisa Dunlap, owner of Bon Bon Confections, isn't about to let size hold her business back. Just ask one of her many customers in 49 states across the county whose taste buds simply can't resist her fudge.

"After two years I created a website," Dunlap says. "I was amazed at how much more internet business I was getting, especially around the holidays."

In the last five years, with help from those online sales, Dunlap's business has grown 300 percent. Now, the candy shop owner, along with a number of other local businesses are basking in their internet success - recently learning that Bainbridge Island is one of the country's strongest online business communities, according to Google.


by Kiersten Throndsen,

Published: Aug 23, 2013 at 4:45 PM PDT