Why I’m Voting for Val, Wayne and Roger A Guest Letter from Bruce Weiland

Bruce WeilandIn the decades since Bainbridge Island voted for an all-island government, we have had some fantastic City Council members, and we owe them our thanks for their service. But for the last several years, more and more of the conversation at City Hall has been dominated by a number of highly partisan folks -- both on and off the Council. This has (sadly) led to some vehement polarization in our once-cohesive community.

This fall's election offers some clear choices for each of the three Council positions on the ballot. We get to vote for three, and I ask you to join with me and vote for...




Each of them understands that effective leadership in a small town setting requires COLLABORATION, CONSENSUS, COMPROMISE and CIVILITY.

Good city governance is not about winning every issue, or vilifying and beating your opponents. It should be about respectfully working together to solve problems, with everyone giving a little so they can meet in the middle.

Please join me and VOTE for these three smart and collaborative good-government candidates. The last thing we need is more aggressive polarization at City Hall.

If you agree with me, please copy and paste the words of this op-ed into an email and send it to five or ten (20?) of your friends. Let's blanket the island with an appeal for reason and responsibility (for a change).

Thanks for listening.


Bruce P. Weiland

The Waypoint 400pBruce Weiland is a long-time resident, and a professional with offices in the Winslow business community, who believes in public service. In prior years, he has been elected to the School Board, became its President, and was committed to openness and dialog among board members and with parents and community members. More recently, he devoted many volunteer hours helping coordinate the community project that produced the Waypoint corner park across the street from the new Art Museum – funded by donations and at no cost to taxpayers.  The Waypoint - pictured at right - is a great example of what happens in our community when we collaborate together.  -QB