A retired teacher's personal thoughts About Mike Spence for School Board

By Kathy DunnSteering Committee Member Quality Bainbridge

Mike Spence is the School Board candidate that I am strongly supporting to be reelected.

Many may ask who is Kathy Dunn and does her endorsement carry any weight?

Well, I am a 4th generation Bainbridge Islander who attended Bainbridge public schools from kindergarten to graduation.   My children also did so, and in the fall of 2014 my granddaughter (a 6th generation Bainbridge Islander!!) will begin kindergarten on Bainbridge.

You may say: “that is all well and good but does Kathy have any hands on experience with the school district”?    I taught kindergarten on Bainbridge for over thirty years. So, I do know something about the District.  And I do know what makes an effective School Board member.

I wanted to form my own opinion about which candidate would best serve our schools so I attended both forums to hear what Mr. Spence and Mr. Perry had to say.

I was struck by many things.   My conclusion after listening to both was my whole-hearted support for Michael Spence.

He has been on the Board for 4 years and during that time he has saved local taxpayers an incredible amount of money -- including about $12 million of reduced interest on school construction bonds.

He was on the Board for the building of the new Wilkes Elementary School (my old school), and that construction project came in on budget.

He has been part of a Board that has introduced innovative programs at the elementary and secondary school levels.  This is extremely important because children learn in many different ways; and the District is striving to meet these differences using sound, well-researched educational methods.

Lastly, I found Michael Spence to be very approachable and a good listener.  If I had a concern, I would not hesitate to contact him to express my thoughts.  He is passionate about education and passionate about Bainbridge public schools.

My sense is that he wants to make Bainbridge Island schools the best that they can be.