Suzuki Update

Olympic Property Group (OPG) has been retained by the City of Bainbridge Island to lead a consultant team in gaining the preliminary plat approval of the Suzuki project. Background:

  • In 2015 the City published a request for proposals for the property.
  • In November of 2015 the City received 4 proposals from both for-profit and non-profit organizations and decided to move forward with Olympic Property Group, whose proposalincluded market rate and affordable housing, growing areas, and room for a Boys and Girls Club facility.  However, hearing the environmental concerns of neighbors and the community, the Council agreed to do an ecological assessment of the property.

The  2017 ecological assessment report from Environmental Science Associates (ESA):

  • identified “mature second growth forest” trees,
  • recommended a buffer around the human-created pond
  • and recommended a 300’ wildlife corridor be left on the property, among other things.

The Council voted to follow these recommendations which reduced the potential area for development from 13.83-acres to +/- 4-acres.  Later, the City Council voted to commit 100% of the housing on the project for affordable housing.

  • The City chose to just hire OPG to gain approval for a plan with the smaller development footprint and 100% affordable housing.

Next Steps:

OPG is beginning the approval process by obtaining more information about the property.  Wetlands experts, civil engineer, and geotechnical engineers will study the property.  This draft site plan will change once studies are completed, and with input from the City Council.

  • Once the information is gathered and mapped, OPG will present it at a public meeting . They will outline their proposed schedule and take additional questions and input.  OPG expects the approval process to last 12 to 15 months. During this time, the housing concepts will be developed through a collaborative effort of Housing Kitsap, Housing Resources Bainbridge, and the City’s Affordable Housing Task Force.  Lead consultant and architect Jonathan Davis will then be able refine site designs.  These too will be shared at public meetings.

If you would like to be on the OPG mailing list for updates on the Suzuki Project please contact Stephanie Foster at

Developing Housing

Housing Kitsap is a “Public Housing Authority that works with home owners, home buyers, renters, developers, and contractors to sustain affordable housing and the betterment of Kitsap County, WA.” It was one of the groups making a proposal when Suzuki was first announced. They are the likely developers of the Suzuki project and according to our mayor, Kol Medina, they are very much committed to seeing this project through.