Waterfront Park and Public Process

After a series of meetings in January, the selected design team, Studio Cascade, returned to their offices to develop a 15% design for presentation to the city and its residents. 

The first meeting was held before the Design Review Board (DRB) on February 24.  There was a good deal of public comment and suggestions were made to more fully incorporate the elements in the park that the community had supported at the meetings in 2013 and in January of this year. 

Two days later, the consultants presented their design to the City Council, where more public comments were offered.  Members of the City Council affirmed the DRB observations that the designers had missed the mark in some ways and that strengthening was needed of an overall vision for the park.   A greater focus on the park, rather than attempting to include a greatly enlarged dock and marina was also a directive to the design consultants.

Studio Cascade will return to Bainbridge Island at the end of March with a 30% design, and there will be public meetings and opportunities for review and critique of the expanded plans. 

Waterfront Bandstand

Further information can be found at the website:  http://waterfront-park.org/