Zero Waste

By Diane Landry, Bainbridge Island Zero Waste

Recycling: Many Islanders have wondered what is happening.  As of November 2018, Kitsap recycling coordinator Chris Piercy reported that "Bainbridge Disposal continues to transport commingled recyclables to JMK Fibers in Tacoma [where our recyclables get sorted by material and baled for sale to processors], and a good-faith effort is made to sort and market those commodities”.  Unfortunately, “many materials do not have stable markets right now, and may require landfilling, due to excess inventory or bales sitting for too long. For instance, if a paper bale sits for an extended period of time waiting for a buyer, it may develop mold issues or begin to disintegrate due to the moisture that came in with the material.”

Summer dates for Styrofoam/CD recycling at Bay Hay and Feed are July 20 & 21, 10am-4pm. Our community made the January Styrofoam/CD recycling collection very successful.  310 cars dropped off a total of 6400 cu ft of block packaging and coolers, or 90 huge bags' worth, plus around 1200 CDs. 

The Trashion Show will be Sunday, April 14, at IslandWood, this year with two shows, each featuring the same models. 2-3pm is the non-juried show; 4-6pm the juried show. Tickets available now!