Dear Islanders,

Ted Jones in South Ward

We are writing to announce which candidates we are endorsing in the 2017 citywide elections.

Ted Jones in South Ward
Wayne Roth in Central Ward
Joe Deets in North Ward

After reviewing their answers to our questions and their public statements, we chose these candidates as best qualified to move our City forward, and who best reflect our vision. Recent disasters have demonstrated that having a responsive, effective and knowledgeable local government is critical. Our City and Fire Department have made disaster preparedness a priority with support from the current council. The forces of staggering growth, rapidly evolving technology, climate change and adequate infrastructure affect our island as well as the Region.

Wayne Roth in Central Ward

Our view is that a good City Council member demonstrates the following:

  • Understanding of the powers and role of city government and the role of the Council as the policy making enity for the city

  • A strong commitment to working collegially, respecting different positions but looking for common ground

  • Eagerness to listen to and understand different viewpoints, and a commitment to building and nurturing a sense of community across the Island

  • Joint development of strategic goals and adherence to those goals

  • Tenacity in identifying and addressing specific problems that face the community

  • Relevant experience that demonstrates an ability to work in a complex environment and consider the consequences of policy decisions

Joe Deets in North Ward

For these reasons we endorse Ted Jones for South Ward, Wayne Roth for Central Ward and Joe Deets for North Ward. We believe they have the experience, temperament and passion for understanding our community’s issues and addressing them in a comprehensive and effective way.

Complex problems are not solved by simple solutions.

We will contact you in coming weeks with details on these endorsements and those for School and Parks Boards.

Please remember that all Islanders vote for all positions in the general elections.

Steering Committee of Quality Bainbridge