Quality Bainbridge eNewsletter Archive


January 21, 2019. Quality Bainbridge Winter 2018/2019 Update

September 23, 2018. Quality Bainbridge Fall 2018 Update

July 8, 2018. Quality Bainbridge Summer 2018 Update

April 17, 2018. Quality Bainbridge Spring 2018 Update


November 3, 2017. November 2017 recommendations for Bainbridge Island voters

October 25, 2017. Quality Bainbridge endorses Sheila Jakubik for Bainbridge Island School District, Position 5

October 15, 2017. Quality Bainbridge 2017 recommendation for North Ward Candidate

October 08, 2017. Quality Bainbridge 2017 recommendation for Central Ward Candidate

October 02, 2017. Quality Bainbridge 2017 recommendation for South Ward Candidate

September 24, 2017. Quality Bainbridge 2017 recommendations for Bainbridge Island voters

October 22, 2016: Oct 2016 – All endorsements

July 04, 2016: July: Feasibility Study for Public Power

March 27, 2016: April 2016: public power & broadband

January 25, 2016: Vote Yes for Schools

October 14, 2015: Candidate Questions

February 6, 2015: Vote Yes for Parks Bond

October 16, 2014: Linda Streissguth endorsement

June 30, 2014: QB Hosts KPUD Fiber Internet at Library

January 18, 2014: Reasons why Quality Bainbridge urges you to join us in voting on the February 11th ballot for our public schools and our kids.  Two levies on the ballot will support continuation of funding for school operations and technology for learning.

January 7, 2014: Our City is in the amidst of designing a substantial improvement to our Waterfront Park in Winslow.  Here’s how you can express your preferences for the improvements.

December 13, 2013:  All four of our endorsed candidates thankfully won their local elections by decisive margins.  What’s next? The Quality Bainbridge steering committee discusses our goals for future eNewsletters, website articles and Facebook posts.

November 2, 2013: Maradel Gale talks about her activities as an island volunteer, and why she’s voting for Wayne, Val and Roger.

 November 1, 2013: John Ellis reflects on how Winslow came alive with families on Halloween, and the good life here on the island. He explains why he’s voting for Wayne Roth, Val Tollefson and Roger Townsend.

October 26, 2013. Gloria Sayler tells why she’s voting for Wayne Roth, and explains her concerns about the conduct and priorities of Arlene Buetow.

October 17, 2013. Kathy Dunn announces the Quality Bainbridge endorsed candidates for School Board: Mike Spence and two unopposed candidates.

October 16, 2013. John Ellis introduces Quality Bainbridge and our 3 endorsed candidates for City Council.