Questions proposed by Quality Bainbridge to the 2019 City Council Candidates

1) What inspired you to run for a position as City Council member?

2) What are your top priorities that you would work to have the city accomplish during your term in office?  For each identified priority that requires the expenditure of money, please state how you would fund it.

3) Describe your relevant previous experiences that prepare you for the Council role.  What skills, training, resources and expertise will you bring to the Council?

4) Islanders consistently identify water quantity and quality as a top community priorities.  Recent city studies (Water Resources and Groundwater Monitoring) show that our water resources are resilient, however some of  our streams are significantly polluted.  What ideas do you have for improving the health of island (and our surrounding) waters?

5) How do you think growth (economic and population) on the island can best be managed? In light of the dictates of the Growth Management Act and the private property rights of landowners, how can the City create a proper balance between building housing and preserving our natural resources? How should we address the issue of code enforcement?

6) What does the term “affordable housing” mean to you?  Is the subject important to you, and if so, why?  What are your thoughts about the affordability of housing on Bainbridge Island? What policies, if any, would you like to see our City implement to increase the inventory of affordable housing?

7) Kitsap PUD is soliciting indications of interest in expanding broadband access to neighborhoods on the island. What should be the role of the city in assisting with this expansion?

8) What do you think is the appropriate role for City Council in responding to the climate crisis? What is Council already doing in this area, and what additional ideas do you have for how we should be reducing our Island’s greenhouse gases and adapting to the changes we expect to see in the coming years and decades?