Questions proposed by Quality Bainbridge to the 2019 School Board Candidates: 

1. What is the proper role of the School Board in relation to the teaching staff and the school administrators? How much managerial authority should the School Board exercise in connection with the day-to-day operations of the schools?

2. What would you propose as the three most effective steps the School Board take in the next four years to respond to budgetary challenges?

3. What are the biggest operational challenges facing the School District in the coming years?

4. What criteria should be used in deciding what new programs should be added or making other curriculum changes? What, if any, curriculum changes should the School Board review?

5. What is your approach to alternative educational pathways in our School District? 

6. What is the district’s responsibility to educate young people about critical social and environmental issues that affect their communities and lives, such as the climate crisis? What does educating young people about such issues look like at the school district?

 7. Are there any additional strategies  the School Board would support an environment in which all students and staff feel both physically and emotionally safe?